Velda: Clear Line UV-C filter
Floating algae will turn your pond water green. An unpleasant effect is that oxygen plants stop growing. A lasting solution for green and murky pond water is a UV-C filter in combination with a pump. The water is, as it were, sterilised; floating algae, germs and moulds are killed. That results in crystal-clear water and a healthy pond environment for fish and plants.

Available in 18, 36 and 55 Watt

- To optimise the intensity of the light beams and to ensure the highest possible level of
   efficiency, the inner casing of the lamp is reflective.

- The UV-C Filter has an electronic ballast that provides a constant current, ensuring that
   the lamp has a relatively long life.

- There is a second hose connection so that the flow can go the left or the right.

- An inspection glass in one of the outflow openings makes it easy to check whether the 
  UV-C light is on.

- Universal screw thread for connections to your existing PVC tubes.

My contribution: Design / Engineering / Testing